Level up your oil storage with the Champion oil cabin

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Take your workshop to a higher level with the Champion oil cabin and you’ll always have the right oil for the right car.

There used to be a time when one lubricant could fit them all, but that has been a long time ago. Today, there is no universal lubricant that can be used on all car types. Car manufacturers have introduced new and smaller engines, packing more power, with advanced after treatment systems. And these modern engines need modern lubricants to maintain performance and protection. However, we know this is not as easy as it seems… 

Most modern engines require new generations of engine oils to protect newly added technologies. The combination of smaller engines and increasing specifications (i.e. ACEA or API standards) forces workshops today to offer oil coverage of up to 10 oils to service all car types.  That is why Champion offers a broad range of products: To make sure we meet the required specifications while maximizing our engine performance.

Knowing that you need more products is one thing, having the right tool in your workshop to make this possible is something else. We’ll help you out!  Discover the Champion Oil Cabin, the ultimate tool you need to boost your business. 

Just a few benefits of the Champion Oil Cabin:

  1. Full coverage of the car market, with a coverage of up to 10 oils
  2. All your main products available in large volumes
  3. Clear product recommendation 
  4. No oil waste design
  5. Organized, space saving and secured cabin 

The right oil for the right car, always at your fingertips!

What Champion stands for

Champion lubricants are made to enable modern engines to perform at their peak. They are designed to unleash engines’ full potential and break boundaries.

As high-performance engine technologies become available, Champion considers it their challenge to blend the state-of-the-art fluids required to run these sophisticated engines. 

Besides the production, commercialization and marketing of lubricants, we offer you added value services to boost your performance and release your full potential.