Champion-powered BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team clinches epic home victory at Spa

Mistrz with cooperating BMW Motorrad World Endurance Team achieves epic home victory w SPA

A memorable weekend full of action, exciting competitions and a historic victory! The Champion-teamed BMW Motorrad World Endurance-Team has taken a home victory at the 24h SPA ewc motos, with the riders putting both themselves and their machines to the limit and paving the way for an epic performance.

Upon the return of the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps to the EWC calendar for the first time in 21 years, the team surprised all motorsport fans with their flawless performance by taking a historic victory at last week's 24H SPA EWC Motos. 

As the team's Official Technical Partner, Champion Lubricants supported the team in the run-up to this home win:

"It was such a great experience to see the team make their way to victory at the 24H SPA EWC Motos. Their performance was great to see, a real masterclass from start to finish! A double victory, considering it's at our home base," said Yves Decat, Global Marketing Director at Champion Lubricants.  

"We worked hard and managed to be the only team not to make mistakes. It was essential to have a partner who could take on ambitious challenges with us."

Werner Daemen

teammanager BMW Motorrad World Endurance-team

The BMW Motorrad World Endurance team secured a good starting position by qualifying for second place on the grid. After an intense start, it became clear that the BMW M 1000 RR with number 37 was in an excellent position and was a clear favourite. The three drivers, Markus Reiterberger, Ilya Mikhalchik and Jérémy Guarnoni, battled at the front of the race until they finally managed to get into first place at night.

While the rain intensified the already demanding and challenging conditions on the track, the drivers persevered in treacherous conditions and steered the team to a historic victory. 

Champion Lubricants: a perfect match for the BMW Motorrad World Endurance team

Champion Lubricants and the BMW Motorrad World Endurance team announced earlier this year that they were entering into an important technical partnership. It soon became clear that this is a perfect match, as both teams share a passion for performance, perseverance and dedication. 

"We are truly proud to support a team that thrives with the same passion and dedication as we do. The riders refused to give up even in the toughest conditions, which testifies to a champion mentality. And this win at our home base only made it even more special for us," Decat added. 

The team has managed to maximise the performance and reliability of its state-of-the-art BMW M 1000 RR motorcycles with racing lubricants based on Champion's exceptional PRO RACING GP line featuring the brand's highly innovative ESTER+ and ADAPTIVE SHIELD technologies. Champion's three-year commitment to the BMW MOTORRAD World Endurance team allows the brand's groundbreaking lubricant formulations to be tested in some of the most demanding and extreme racing conditions. 

Werner Daemen, team manager BMW Motorrad World Endurance team: "We worked hard and managed to be the only team not to make mistakes. It was essential to have a partner who could take on ambitious challenges with us. We found that dedication in the team of Champion Lubricants, an important factor for the milestone we reached last week." 

Decat adds that the collaboration is also the perfect test environment for Champion Lubricants: 

"We are working closely with the team to develop new motorcycle lubricant technologies and complementary products that can withstand even the most demanding circuits in the world. A round of applause for the team for their tireless work on the track and their exceptional collaboration off it. This collaboration is getting stronger and stronger."