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This product seals and permanently prevents hair cracks and leakages in the radiator, the water pump, the cylinder head gasket and the engine block. It protects the entire cooling system against rust and corrosion and lubricates the water pump. It does not harm rubber hoses, metal parts and gaskets.


Suitable for all aluminium, plastic and steel radiators of cooling systems in petrol, diesel and LPG engines. Compatible with water, cooling fluids and conventional anti freeze. Directions for use: Shake well before use and pour the content of the can into the cooling system with switched-on heating and warm (not hot) running engine. Keep engine running for approximately 10 minutes or drive a short distance. Be careful when opening the radiator/cooling system as hot coolant or steam might escape from the system. Dirty cooling systems should first be cleaned with Radiator Cleaner. The amount of 325ml is sufficient for cooling systems with a volume of up to 12 litres.


Sealing and conditioning : complete cooling system protection
Protecting the entire cooling system against rust and corrosion
Lubricating the water pump


This product ensures long and reliable service by protecting the radiator and all related parts from cracks, leakage, rust and corrosion.

Specification level

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BPContent .325 L
PN CODE 8226052
Items per pack 12
Packs per pallet 80
Items per pallet -

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