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This product has been developed to clean the entire cooling system and to improve the heat transfer from the engine to the cooling system. It removes sludge, rust, scale and other deposits. Prevents overheating, build up of acids and contaminants.


Suitable for all aluminium, plastic and steel radiators of cooling systems in petrol, diesel and LPG engines. Compatible with water, cooling fluids and conventional anti-freeze. Directions for use: Shake well before use and pour the contents of one bottle into the radiator. Drive for about 30 minutes and drain the cooling system. Flush with water and refill the cooling system. Be careful when opening or draining the radiator/cooling system as hot steam or coolant might escape. One 325ml bottle is sufficient for cooling systems of up to 12 liters.


Cleaning action : complete removal of all deposits.
Removing sludge, rust, scale and other deposits.
Preventing overheating, build up of acids and contaminants.


This product will contribute to a long and reliable service by efficiently removing all deposits and completely cleaning the cooling system.

Specification level

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BPContent .325 L
PN CODE 8225956
Items per pack 12
Packs per pallet 80
Items per pallet -

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