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This is a semi synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected highly refined base oils. This oil is an advanced engine oil, especially developed to meet ACEA A3/B4-08 requirements and to fulfill Euro 4 norms. It is designed for the lubrication of four-stroke gasoline and diesel cars, including diesel engines with direct injection such as Common Rail, HDI, CDI, etc. Key features include a low ash formulation and a high resistance to ageing.


Ideal for most gasoline and diesel engines - normally aspirated and supercharged. Particularly recommended for Direct Injection diesel engines - Common Rail, HDI, CDI, etc. Can be used all year round - thanks to its optimum viscosity index.


Total engine protection: performance in keeping the engine clean.
Cold start: very good fluidity at low temperature.


The carefully selected additives contribute to engine cleanliness and durability and provide reliable protection against sludge formation and wear. This oil has an optimum fluidity at low temperatures and a stable viscosity at high temperatures.

Specification level

  • ACEA: A3/B3-16
  • ACEA: A3/B4
  • API: SN/CF
  • FIAT: 9.55535-D2
  • FIAT: 9.55535-G2


BPContent 1 L4 L5 L20 L60 L205 L1000 L
PN CODE 8203916820411182043198216121821622082163298216428
Items per pack 1244----
Packs per pallet 654840----
Items per pallet ---45941

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