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Three automatic transmission trends you should prepare for

Over half of the new passenger cars entering our roads are equipped with automatic transmission systems. Find out how you can prepare your workshop for the upcoming opportunities!

Technical Expertise

1. Stepped Automatic Transmission: Increasing Amount of Speeds.

Stepped Automatic transmission systems have been extremely popular for decades in both Europe and the United-States, but recently their production numbers have stagnated. The most important trend on this transmission design is the increase in speeds. Where previously 4-5 speed systems were widely spread, we now see that mostly 6-to 9-speed systems are dominating the market. More speeds decrease the amount of RPM-swing (Revolutions Per Minute), reducing shuddering and shaking significantly. Next to this, it also improves fuel efficiency, as it enables the engine to operate longer within the optimal RPM interval. 

The Champion Solution

Champion has the ideal transmission oils for almost all types of stepped automatic transmission systems. From older 4-speeds to the latest Mercedes-Benz 9-speed system, we have the fluids that enable you to offer optimal service to almost all cars entering your workshop!

2. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): Asian Exotic on our Roads

CVTs are very popular in Asia, but they are also spreading to the rest of the world! Several manufacturers have introduced this gear-shift free engine design in new markets, charming the consumers with its extremely smooth driving experience. The design comes with a few limits though. Only smaller, lighter cars can make use of a CVT, as heavy loads cause the belt to slip! Customers looking for the most fuel-efficient alternative will find a trustworthy partner within the CVT, as this system is the best at optimising engine RPM. 

The Champion Solution

Protecting the CVT’s fuel efficiency is key. For this reason, we enhanced the CHAMPION ECO FLOW CVT FLUID to offer complete protection, regardless of its low viscosity grade. This fluid can be used in almost all CVT systems, as its powerful formula covers the needs of an outstandingly broad spectrum of CVTs from different manufacturers.

3. Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT): Slowly Conquering Europe

By 2020, dual-clutch transmission systems will have a market share of 20%. This innovative system, introduced by Volkswagen as ‘DSG’, combines the sharp acceleration of the stepped automatic transmission with excellent fuel-efficiency. It slowly gains market share on the European market, where it partially replaces stepped automatic transmission systems.

The Champion Solution

A specialised transmission system requires a specialised lubricant. The highly protective properties of CHAMPION ECO FLOW DSG FLUID guarantees complete protection of these extremely sophisticated systems. It is adapted to lubricate all parts efficiently, smoothing your driving experience without compromising on performance.