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A new year, a new partnership!

Champion & Big Shock Racing kick off partnership at 2019 Dakar Rally

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A new year, a new partnership!

Real Champions always take on the challenge and explore new frontiers. After all, Champion is the partner of those who want to surpass themselves. The brand that gives you an opportunity to go where you’ve never been before and explore unfamiliar roads with confidence. 

We kicked off 2019 with a ‘bang’, through a new partnership with Big Shock Racing, starting with the 2019 Dakar Rally. The world’s most demanding race is what Champion is all about. Extreme conditions requiring extreme performances.

Big Shock Racing is a professional truck racing team which has been participating for 15 years in the most challenging race in the world – the Dakar Rally – and other marathon cross country competitions. The man behind the wheel is the Czech Martin Macik, the youngest driver in the truck category in the history of the Dakar and fifth in last year’s edition. Dakar is only the first step of the collaboration, with multiple other races on the agenda for 2019.

This partnership further builds on Champion’s journey of the last years. It’s about facing new challenges head-on and never giving up. Champion are the lubricants of choice whenever outward performance relies on inner power. It’s especially these extreme conditions of the Dakar Rally - heat, sand, dust - that bring out the best in us and our products. There is no better environment to put them to the test. 

Champion lubricants are formulated to protect the core structure of the oil and to create a more robust oil film strength. Our Adaptive Shield Technology helps break new ground in engine performance, by combining different layers of additive chemistries. The technology creates a robust shield against the extreme pressures, temperatures and shear forces affecting a broad range of engines. This means our lubricants can do their job more effectively for longer, even in extreme working conditions.

We stand as one team behind Big Shock Racing.
And remember, every Champion was once a challenger that refused to give up.

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