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From Raw Material to Lubricant: Champion’s promise of quality

Let us show you how our team of specialists guarantees you that only the best products leaving the production plant depart your way!

Technical Expertise

From Raw Material to Lubricant: Champion’s promise of quality

In the previous From Raw Material to Lubricant we explained that a series of tests is conducted throughout our entire production process. Today, we open the doors of our laboratory and take you on a tour past our testing procedures.

Stop… Sample time
Each sample gives us the opportunity to completely uncover the product’s composition. Based on our experience, we have determined a number of crucial checkpoints where we want samples to be taken. Doing so, we ensure all of our products to be offering the desired properties.

You can only blend outstanding lubricants if you use the best raw materials. And those raw materials need to be Champion approved. This is the reason why we take a first sample right after the delivery of raw materials. What does that mean? Well, our blenders won’t jump into action without receiving a ‘GO!’ from the laboratory!

A second sample is sent to our lab right after blending the additives with the base oils. It is paramount to test for the oil properties at this stage, as this is the point at which the final Champion product is formed.

A final sample is taken at the filling lines. This sample allows us to check one more time for any contamination with other lubricants or foreign particles. The oil gets stored in one of our storage facilities until the laboratory approves it, only then we start filling the packaging. Thanks to the swift collaboration between different departments and the laboratory, these checks don’t slow down the production process at any time.

Proof of quality
Claiming that a product has powerful properties is easy, but Champion puts the words into action! Let us show you three techniques that we use in our laboratory to prove that our products are specifically made to truly enhancing your driving experience.

Flash point
Pushing boundaries is part of the Champion spirit, and the flash point is one of these potential limits! The last thing you want during a journey is that your lubricant catches fire. Champion lubricants always meet or even exceed the flash point requirements set by the original equipment manufacturers and official instances, allowing you to experience your vehicle to the fullest.

180820 - Raw Material 2 Lubricant - PIC 1

Pour point
The pour point sits right at the opposite end of the flash point. At low temperatures, an engine oil becomes too viscous to reach and lubricate all critical components. The lowest temperature at which the lubricant remains fluid is known as ‘the pour point’. A low pour point allows you to conquer some of the most challenging cold weather condition!

Kinematic viscosity
The right fluidity at operational temperatures is one of the most crucial properties for any lubricant. We guarantee that our engine oils do not become too fluid at operational temperatures by conducting a specialised oil flow test. An engine oil with a balanced viscosity will increase component protection by establishing a stable oil film while enhancing engine efficiency.

Champion proves that it has outstanding products by showing all test results for each product on the Technical Data Sheets, which you can find on our website. These documents contain the results of a large number of tests, including the three highlighted ones from this blog! In the next ‘From Raw Material to Lubricant’ blog, we continue our journey through the production process until our products reaches its final goal: enhancing your driving experience.

180820 - Raw Material 2 Lubricant - PIC 2

• We test multiple production samples to ensure product superiority
• Our own laboratory tests for a broad range of different product properties like viscosity and pour point
• Champion is transparent: you can find all testing results on our website