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Champion announces a new high performance technology platform for its lubricants range

Champion has developed a new technology platform that shields engine parts from the effects of these increasingly harsh factors.


Champion oils are the lubricants of choice whenever outward performance relies on inner power. As engines downsize and power output steadily increases, lubricants need to withstand more strain, shear and extreme pressure. To provide a long-term solution to this growing challenge, Champion has developed a new technology platform that shields engine parts from the effects of these increasingly harsh factors. 
Champion’s Adaptive Shield Technology is a combination of additive chemistries that shield engine parts from internal and external factors. By combining different layers of additive chemistries, the technology creates a robust shield against the extreme pressures, temperatures and shear forces affecting a broad range of engines. This particular technology is ‘adaptive’ because it readjusts the properties of the shield depending on the conditions affecting the engine. 

The molecules inside our products create a protective boundary between the engine parts and the forces they are subjected to. As a result, our lubricants can do their job more effectively for longer, even under the most extreme conditions. This guarantees the optimum performance of the engine and the car at any given time. 

Your benefits

Champion lubricants with Adaptive Shield Technology provide a variety of benefits for a broad range of engines. It doesn’t matter whether they’re older engines or the very latest generation of compact engines. These benefits include: 

Peak engine performance

The different layers of additive chemistry inside Champion lubricants immediately form a protective shield around the engine parts. This guarantees a robust oil film at any given moment, allowing maximum engine output even in the harshest and most demanding conditions.

Maximum protection

The shield components in Champion lubricants actively capture small dust and carbon particles, keeping them sealed between microscopic plates. This limits abrasive wear on the engine components, ensuring optimum engine performance at all times. Specific performance additives ensure the oil remains clean, durable and effective, thus extending the life of engine parts.

Extended drain intervals

The more robust additive technology which is active in our synthetic lubricants guarantees that oil film strength is maintained throughout the complete service life of the oil. This ensures that the engine oil maintains its characteristics for longer. Our lubricants help extend drain intervals, which reduces downtime and total cost of ownership.

Challenging external conditions

Adaptive Shield Technology allows Champion lubricants to readjust the properties of the protective shield, even under the most challenging circumstances and external conditions, safeguarding the engine in every situation. Our lubricants can easily eliminate dust, sand and excessive heat inside the engine, guaranteeing oil film strength is maintained throughout the oil’s complete service life. At the same time, the different layers of additive chemistries provide excellent cold flow properties and low temperature pumpability.

Fuel economy

Today more than ever, oils depend on low viscosity base oil and friction modifiers to help maximize the amount of usable energy, while maintaining stable viscosity to reduce engine friction. Adaptive Shield Technology ensures that Champion lubricants have robust oil film strength and enhanced frictional properties thus making a considerable contribution to fuel economy even under extreme conditions.