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Aftertreatment compatible? Yes please!

Did you ever notice engine performance loss without seeing any defects within the engine itself? An improperly maintained aftertreatment system may be the source of this problem!

Technical Expertise

Tightening emission standards come with a clear message to all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): to develop fuel-efficient cars! This trend towards greener mobility has pushed car manufacturers to work on different solutions, ranging from downsized ultra-efficient engines  to complicated aftertreatment systems.

In this blog we focus on the latter without explaining too much of the technical background. You can find more about the different types of aftertreatment systems by reading our dedicated blog on this topic.

Categories and specifications

Both OEMs and official instances, such as ACEA, took measures to ensure that aftertreatment system compatible engine oils are used when needed. Let’s start off with ACEA. This European organisation created brand new C categories for aftertreatment system compatible engine oils. These oils prevent clogging of the filters within the systems, as driving around with a clogged aftertreatment system significantly lowers engine efficiency.

Are you not sure if you can use the Champion product in combination with a car equipped with an aftertreatment system? Just check the front label for any of the ACEA C categories or check the dedicated product page on our website.

OEMs are always interested in offering the most fuel-efficient and reliable cars, so they took matters in their own hands. Most OEMs developed new specifications that meet the requirements of their cars including their aftertreatment systems. Let’s use the C3 category and the GM dexos 2 specification as an example. 

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Offering the best service with Champion

Having powerful aftertreatment system compatible oils at hand is necessary if you want to offer the best service. You can count on more satisfied customers and fewer clogged particle filters when using the Champion ACEA C. Several OEM specifications and approvals prove that these oils cover almost all vehicles equipped with aftertreatment systems, making Champion the ideal partner to help you conquer the market.

Picking the ideal oil for the next car on your bridge is easy and quick with our Product Recommendation Tool. Within seconds, you can find which lubricants are perfectly suited for the vehicle in front of you, including its aftertreatment system. Next to engine oils, this tool also shows the best lubricants for each other application within the car. However, it doesn’t end there! The tool also show how much oil the application can hold, making it one of the easiest ways to enhance your workshop routine.


  • More and more cars entering your workshop are equipped with aftertreatment systems.
  • ACEA has created the C oil categories, which contains aftertreatment system compatible engine oils.
  • OEMs have created their own specifications to protect the systems within their vehicles.
  • Always the right aftertreatment compatible engine oils at hand thanks to Champion!