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This full synthetic engine oil suits the needs of the most demanding four-stroke motorcycles. Its Ester+ Adaptive Shield Technology surpasses the limits of conventional ester full synthetic products. This innovative formulation offers outstanding lubricating properties, including fuel economy and reduced wear, which directly improve protection and reduce engine friction. Its outstanding fluidity at low temperatures guarantees complete protection immediately after starting the engine.


This motorcycle engine oil exceeds the standards of API SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH and SG; extending its applicability to a wide range of on-road motorcycles and sport bikes. This lubricant is formulated to resist the extreme operational conditions, like high loads and temperatures, found within the engines, transmissions and wet clutches of these demanding two-wheelers.


Champion Ester+ Adaptive Shield Technology: increased engine, transmission & wet clutch performance.
Recommended product for motorsport & high-performance bikes.
Optimised power output & reliability.


The formulation's boundary-pushing additives and Ester+ Adaptive Shield Technology offer an unrivalled powerful riding experience and extend the engine's lifespan.

Specification level

  • API: SN
  • JASO: Approval MA2


BPContent 1 L4 L20 L205 L
PN CODE 8233548823364782397488239847
Items per pack 124--
Packs per pallet 6548--
Items per pallet --454

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