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CHAMPION is proud to partner up with the top-tier motorsport events and teams in the past couple of years: FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, Enduro GP, X-Trial FIM World Championship, BIG SHOCK RACING and more! We are also getting more and more active with the FIA World Rallycross Championship and the FIM Endurance World Championship EWC in the coming years! 2021 promises to be a year full of adrenaline and we are ready release the full potential again!

FIM Endurance World Championship (EWC)

The FIM Endurance World Championship is the leading endurance motorcycle racing championship in the world. Held on permanent racing facilities, the championship season consists of a series of 5 endurance races (with a duration of eight, twelve or twenty-four hours).


The FIM SuperEnduro World Championship is an endurocross series held primarily in Europe since 2007. It is held from October to March, during the Northern Hemisphere winter and the Enduro World Championship off-season. Circuits are built inside stadiums or arenas, recreating obstacles such as rocks, boulders and logs.


The FIM EnduroGP World Championship is the premier event for the world’s best enduro motorcycle riders. The season starts during spring with the finale planned in October and consists of a series of off-road events mainly hosted in Europe.


The FIM X-Trial World Championship is one of the most prestigious motorcycle trial tournaments in the world. During these indoor events, riders have to show exceptional skill to succeed in overcoming a variety of artificial obstacles in the different sections.


eddy seel hexagon 


Eddy Seel rode his first motorcycle in 1974 at the tender age of four. He has multiple championships to his name, including Belgian Motocross Champion, multiple-Italian Supermoto champion, European Supermoto Champion and Supermoto World Champion in 2003, as well as second-placed in the Los Angeles X-Games. Eddy worked with Champion’s cutting edge development laboratory to formulate the new range. 

vincent philippe hexagon  


Vincent Philippe is a talented rider. His track record speaks for itself with 10 World Endurance Champion titles. He shares with the Champion brand a love for motorbike riding, but also its values: endurance, courage, independence, pragmatism, and pushing oneself to the absolute limit.

klemen gercar hexagon   


2013 MX3 World Champion Klemen Gercar was heavily involved in the track testing of Champion Motorcycle Lubricants during the development process. Champion is the official lubricant of Klemen’s team 62 Motorsport.

amandine verstappen hexagon    


Since partnering with Champion Motorcycle Lubricants, Amandine Verstappen has already been crowned 2019 and 2020 French Women MX Champion. Amandine’s fighting spirit and Champion’s advanced technology is a winning combination.

max neukirchner hexagon     


Max Neukirchner is a former World Superbike and Endurance World Championship rider. He now runs a riding school to train future pilots to master the tracks.

For too long in motorcycle lubricants, good has been good enough. But we know that riders demand more.