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Champion Lubricants has expanded its GAS range by launching NEW ENERGY 5W30 GAS. This new lubricant joins our existing NEW ENERGY 5W40 GAS in our groundbreaking GAS line-up and offers an excellent coverage for the alternative fuel vehicle market! 


Did you know that gas-fueled vehicles make up 3.2% of passenger cars and 1.5% of light duty vehicles in Europe? These vehicles use LPG and CNG to help reduce emissions, boost fuel economy and lower running costs. But what about servicing them? 

Over the past few years, the gas-powered vehicle market has experienced steady growth. This is due to a number of factors, including European investment in gas infrastructure, a shifting automotive industry and the implementation of emissions legislation. All of this means that motorists and fleet managers are increasingly attracted to alternative fuel vehicles, of which 98% are Dual Fuel (meaning they use a combination of petrol and LPG or petrol and CNG). 

While this technology is certainly interesting, what does it mean for technicians and workshops? What type of engine oil do these vehicles require? 

Burning LPG and CNG leads, for example, to higher engine combustion temperatures. Without adequate shielding and protection, this can damage the valves and can cause a buildup in harmful acidic compounds. This is critical information for technicians responsible for servicing and maintaining gas-powered vehicles. Why? Because it means that you must use a suitable engine oil. 


At Champion Lubricants, our R&D team has been hard at work, developing an all-new extension to our GAS range. These lubricants have been designed for gas-powered cars and LCVs and provide technicians and motorists with a greater diversity of options. With expanding car parc coverage, the range now consists of the new CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W30 GAS and the proven CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W40 GAS.  

Developed using high-quality base oils and a comprehensive, advanced additive package, the GAS range provides complete protection and helps to neutralize those harmful acidic compounds. The engine oils feature excellent fluidity for easier cold starts, excellent lubrication for reduced engine wear and the use of quality ingredients allows for extended drain intervals, in line with manufacturer requirements. They deliver outstanding protection for Dual Fuel, LPG and CNG powered vehicles

Concerned about inventory requirements? Champion’s GAS range can also be used in a variety of regular petrol and diesel vehicles, making it extremely versatile. CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W30 GAS and CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W40 GAS are available now, in packaging sizes ranging from 1-1000 liters. 

In short:

  • Over the past few years, the gas-powered vehicle market has experienced steady growth. 
  • We have recently expanded our GAS range by launching NEW ENERGY 5W30 GAS. 
  • This new lubricant joins our existing NEW ENERGY 5W40 GAS in our ground-breaking GAS line-up! 
  • Developed to meet the requirements of gas-powered vehicles, our GAS range offers an excellent car parc coverage. 
  • Protecting the engine’s valves and neutralising the acidic compounds, this innovative range helps for easier cold starts, reduced engine wear and extended drain intervals! 

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