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Champion ambassador Vincent Philippe shares his tips and tricks for a successful motorcycle shop (2/2)

It feels like it was just yesterday that Vincent Philippe had his first tour of our factory, stepping into the role of brand ambassador in February 2020. Since then, and despite the challenges of the pandemic, our collaboration and relationship with Vincent have strengthened. Now, he sells Champion’s ground-breaking lubricants from his own motorcycle store in Besançon, France. Today, as the owner of a motorcycle accessories shop, Vincent is sharing his experience with other shop owners. Let’s see what he says! 

Interview and opinion

After competing in the FIM Endurance World Championship successfully and working as EWC commentator for Eurosport, our brand ambassador Vincent Philippe today channels his passion for riding in a new way. 

In 2020, he opened a Dafy moto accessories shop in France, where he sells a wide range of motorcycle products – including Champion’s innovative lubricants! We had the pleasure of talking with Vincent about his experience in selling moto accessories, and he shared valuable tips and tricks with us! 

Champion: What sales tips and tricks could you share with us? 
Vincent: When it comes to lubricants, customers need to trust and be reassured by a product. This reassurance occurs in different ways. In my experience, advertising and branding are very useful because they increase familiarity with a brand and its products. This familiarity helps to build trust. 

Secondly, it is important to have a full range at hand, something for every rider – that is possible with a brand like Champion. One second your customer may be a casual rider, but then five minutes later you need to serve an ambitious racer who expects extremely high performance. You need to be able to meet the needs of all riders. 

It might be worth mentioning that I always recommend Champion ProRacing GP to customers seeking the highest level of performance. It is a great range that has been formulated specifically for extreme applications. 

Thirdly, I would say that we see the benefit of having multiple resellers. Even if people do not come to your shop, if they see the same brand in another store, they will become familiar with it. It is a similar principle to the first point – the more visible your brand is, the more interest you build within your customers. 

"It is important to have a full range at hand, something for every rider – that is possible with a brand like Champion"

Vincent Philippe, Champion ambassador

Champion: What about the visuals? 

Vincent: For sure! The image you use for your products is crucial. In my case, videos work well, and yes, bikers love slightly offbeat videos. On the other hand, educational videos also work well, where we tell people about the maintenance of their bikes, for example. Here, the support of a partner like Champion is great because they are investing in creating things like the Champion Moto Maintenance guide! 

Gifts and promotions are another important tool! We often use gifts to help boost loyalty among our customers. Of course, the best way to implement gifts and promotions into your marketing is by starting with clear objectives. Obviously, if you run a promo, it must be profitable overall. I don’t suggest giving away an item that sells easily, like chain lube. 

During difficult periods, such as the recent lockdowns, winter or vacations, I like to use discounts to help bring customers back in. During these periods there are often a lot of promotions, so it is almost necessary to help you compete. 

On top of these tactics, we also make product suggestions. For instance, if a customer buys a specific engine oil from a product family, then we also suggest a brake fluid from the same range to make his purchase a complete package. This works really well! 

I am also actively using social media channels to attract customers to the store. Here, for example, I recorded a quick video to provide an overview of a Champion offer at my store. At the end of the day, you want to work with great brands, excellent products and ensure that your customer is always well looked after. Do the simple things really well and you have the perfect foundation for success. 


Check out Vincent Philippe’s shop, here.

Extra tips & tricks from Champion Lubricants

Promotions with oil and maintenance products  Buy a 5 litters bottle of Champion engine oil and receive a discount on chain sprays. 
Point-of-purchase placement  Products placed near the front of the store, specifically near the checkout counter, are those most likely to be viewed by customers. Put a display with sprays and maintenance products next to the cash counter so customers can still pick up a spray while paying for their other goods. 
Propose Champion maintenance products in the purchase of a motorbike or accessories 

When a customer buys a motorcycle or motorcycle accessories, proactively propose Champion maintenance products to them. All riders want to keep their motorbike in top condition, so explain to them how Champion can help. 

If, for example, you sell a new chain kit for a bike, propose that the customer also pick up some Chain Cleaner and Chain Lube to increase the chain’s longevity. Or perhaps some Champion Wheel Cleaner to keep their motorcycle looking great? 

Place related products next to each other   If you stock helmets, don’t forget to position your helmet spray products on a nearby shelf or rack. Don’t forget to suggest Champion Windshield Cleaner as it is perfect for cleaning helmets and visors. 


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