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Product in the picture: CHAMPION OEM SPECIFIC 5W30 C3

An engine oil that enhances performance and can be used to service a range of different vehicles? Yes, it does exist!

Technical Expertise

Your next journey, in a bottle

All-round, yet a high performing engine oil… It may seem impossible but the CHAMPION OEM SPECIFIC 5W30 C3 proves that it is possible! The combination of synthetic base oils and high-performance additives offer great protection to all engine parts. One of its additional benefits is its excellent fluidity at low temperatures, which guarantees that the oil reaches all engine components quickly after start-up.

This fluidity also enables you to cut down on fuel cost! Its friction reducing additives, lowering both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, further enhances this effect. CHAMPION OEM SPECIFIC 5W30 C3 shows its true potential at high operational temperatures. It retains all of its performance enhancing properties under rough conditions, allowing you to explore new boundaries.

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Proof of performance

Claiming product superiority is easy, but Champion proves it too! CHAMPION OEM SPECIFIC 5W30 C3 has obtained a wide range of different engine demanding approvals of different original equipment suppliers, proving that it truly is an al-round high-performing engine oil! Its broad applicability is even more enhanced as some specifications, like the GM dexos 2tm is backward compatible to older GM and Opel specifications.

GM Dexos 2
MB 229,51
VW 502 00
505 00
505 01


  • Outstanding engine protection at low and high operational temperatures
  • This reduced ash formulation protects the complete aftertreatment system.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy thanks to its excellent fluidity and friction reducing properties.
  • This product can be used in different cars from major market-leading vehicle manufacturers like: Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Audi, Renault, Opel, BMW,…