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Fluids for legends: a real (sm)all-star

Small, fuel efficient and one of the uncrowned kings of city traffic; you can barely imagine our roads without the Opel Corsa. Let us show you how Champion enables these city dwellers to reach this legendary status.

Market news and trends

Your groceries? –Check! Your beloved son or daughter? –Safe and sound in the back seat! The Opel Corsa rides the fine line between small and practical. The idea to create a car slightly more spacious than the extremely small ‘city cars’ was born in the 70’s as a reaction to the immensely popular Mini Cooper. This new car category, which received the flattering name “superminis”, quickly rose to the top, where they remain extremely popular to this day. In 1982, Opel decided to join the supermini-craze by launching the first generation of the Corsa into the market, with a rather dull name “Opel Corsa A”

The first Corsas to roam our streets

Most people recognise the Opel Corsa by its cute and bubbly look, but the first generation did not have any of this. The first generation Corsa had straight edges and sharp corners, which was in line with the popular 80’s design trend that also returns in VW Golfs from that period. Over 3,1 million Corsas entered the roads within the first generation, immediately turning this (sm)all-star into a legend!

Engine transformation

“Never change a winning team” inspired the designers to use engines that had already proven their reliability with other Opel cars. The first engine models were equipped with carburettors and needed high viscosity engine oils to stay optimally protected. Thinner oils would allow the gasses to escape through the rather wide gaps between the cylinder wall and the piston. Through time, Opel evolved the Corsa’s engine to emit less emission. Opel conquered this challenge with a solution that was both ‘harder-better-faster-stronger’ and significantly smaller! One of the first innovations is the replacement of the carburettors with injection systems. Another addition was a turbocharged version that allowed the engine to generate more energy without consuming more fuel. More and more different technologies were added along the line, leading to the diverse range of engines you can choose from today! These new engine designs rely on engine oils to meet the strict emission norms. Let us show you how Champion meets these high demands.

The engine within this specific Corsa model was reliable and decent, but not refined. Opel asks you to use high viscosity grade oils, such as 15W40 or 20W50, to mitigate the effects of the rather large margins left on most parts. One of the suitable Champion products is the CHAMPION ACTIVE DEFENCE 15W40 SF/CD , which keeps the engine clean and has the right viscosity to keep the engine running smoothly. Thanks to its turbo and direct injection system, this powerful but small engine holds a serious punch. The challenge that came along with this design is also quiet formidable: LSPI! This well-hidden engine assassin can only be countered by using adapted engine oils; otherwise, this special case of pre-ignition is sure to wreak havoc within the GDI engine. CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 5W30 D1 has an official GM dexos1tm Gen 2 approval, meaning that Opel has officially recognised this engine oil as the optimal solution to keep this and several other Opel engines on the road longer!

Getting power to the wheels: transmission system

No one wants to be thrown around when shifting gears, making a well-oiled transmission system crucial for your driving comfort. Opel has invested drastically in their transmission systems to make each shift more gentle and seamless than ever. But, did you know that these improvements can only be achieved by using exactly the right oils?

Modern transmission systems, both manual and automatic operate under higher levels of pressure, often use less transmission fluid and operate with narrower margins. We developed the Champion transmission fluids to safeguard your driving comfort under all circumstances, making them a great addition to every garage that aims to offer the best service to its customers. Let us show you how our products evolved by comparing the older and newer Corsa transmission systems!

CORSA A: 4 or 5-speed manual CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 75W80 MULTI VEHICLE CORSA E: 5 or 6 speed manual, 6-speed automatic, 5-speed semi-automatic CHAMPION ECO FLOW 75W FE CHAMPION OEM SPECIFICATF D VI
The earliest Corsas were equipped with a 4-speed transmission system. A superior 5-speed system joined the range quickly after. You can optimally protect both the 4 and the 5-speed systems with the CHAMPION NEW ENERGY 75W80 MULTI VEHICLE. This excellent lubricant enables older transmission systems to shift smooth and vibration free, making it a great addition to each workshop that aims to optimise their service quality of older vehicles. More gears and smoother shifts, all of the transmission systems within this generation guarantee a splendid driving experience and help reduce emissions. CHAMPION ECO FLOW 75W FE will help optimise fuel economy even more, making it an indispensable addition in any garage that wants to be up-to-date with the latest engine trends.

Automatic transmission systems require a different fluid, as they operate under different conditions. CHAMPION OEM SPECIFICATF D VI offers complete protection to the entire automatic transmission system.

The right fluids for each Corsa

Several other fluids are required to keep your Corsa rolling perfectly. From windscreen wash to hydraulic brake fluid, Champion has them all. Our quick and handy product finder tool will return you a list that shows you exactly which fluids you need to service the next Corsa on your bridge within seconds!

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  • The Corsa was created to be small but practical.
  • The engine of the Corsa is becoming more and more advanced.
  • The Corsa’s transmission systems are becoming more complex.
  • Champion has the lubricants for each part of each generation Opel Corsa.
  • You can quickly find the perfect lubricants for your Corsa by using our product finder tool.