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Fluids for Legends: Robust yet Luxurious

Dry, snowy or extremely business city traffic; the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is real Jack of all trades. But, how do you lubricate it?


Some cars are designed to withstand the test of time, with the Mercedes-Benz E-Class being a prime example. This executive car has earned its stripes by proving its reliability since 1993, although it is based on older models which entered production as soon as 1953. Five generations of E-classes were released onto the market, and they are still everywhere around us!
Smooth, luxurious, spacious yet reactive; the E-Class went on to become a legend with its well-defined benefits. Business owners, especially taxi-companies, also recognised the E-Class’ potential. The diesel versions of the E-class are among the most frequently used luxury taxi’s, shaping the taxi industry on a global scale. 
The E-Class’ robustness derives from Mercedes-Benz’s meticulous attention to details, eye for quality and the balance between the components and their lubricants! The lubricant specifications created by MB cover all of the protective and performance properties that are required to fulfill the E-Class’ needs. Let me show you how Champion meets these demanding specifications! I’ll use examples from different generations to give you a clear overview of Champion’s E-Class coverage.


Time to shine! Our CHAMPION OEM SPECIFIC 5W30 C3 is one of our fluids that is perfectly suited to meet the needs of the E-Class E350 D of 2016 . This fluid combines complete engine protection with improved fuel efficiency. Mercedes-Benz releases each of the E-Class’ generation with different engine options, of which each comes with its own needs. For this reason, Champion has obtained several Mercedes-Benz specifications and approvals. But do not panic, within seconds you can find all of the fluids for the next car on your bridge!


Whether it is a manual or an automatic transmission system, we have the lubrication solution! The automatic gearbox of a first generation E 300 Diesel (1992) will retain its smooth gear shifts when serviced with CHAMPION NEW ENERGY MULTI VEHICLE ATF. Its 5-speed manual counterpart requires a different fluid, like the CHAMPION LIFE EXTENSION ATF DII, which is balanced to keep all components in their original state as long as possible.
I just proved that Champion covers older Mercedes-Benz transmission, so let’s move to the other side of the spectrum! Probably the most demanding automatic transmission system installed within the E-Class is MB’s 9-speed. This transmission systems help increase fuel efficiency and delivers an unrivaled smooth driving experience. Such a specialist transmission system requires an equally specialised fluid. Our experts created the CHAMPION OEM SPECIFIC ATF 9G to specifically meet the needs of this system, which is proven by its MB 236.17 specification.

Other fluids

A Mercedes-Benz E-Class car, whether it is brand new or older, requires several other fluids to stay on the road. Champion has a complete product offering for all E-Class generations! Coolants, power steering fluids, break fluids or any other fluid you may need; our Product Finder  Tool will tell you which fluids will help you optimise your service.