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Champion Service Point: a model of success

After announcing the success of its pilot Champion Service Point concept in the Netherlands, Champion is ready to extend its network!

Garage management

After announcing the success of its pilot Champion Service Point concept in the Netherlands, Champion is ready to extend its network. “We are very happy with our distribution partner here in the Netherlands,” says Stefan Viguurs, Champion Sales Manager NL. “They have a full national coverage, and ensures fast and efficient delivery of the full range of Champion products. Our garage partners are delighted too, so we will be looking to extend this model to other countries, in partnership with our distributors there.”

Champion Service Point: a model of success

Champion will partner with independent garages to raise their profile and profits with a distinctive new offering. “It’s all about the availability, reliability and service from a trusted professional network,” says Stefan. “We developed the Champion Service Point concept because our customers are working in an industry that is changing rapidly. We want to help them benefit from that change, to profit from the opportunities, and to show their customers that they are dealing with true professionals.”

Since its launch in 2016, the Champion Service Point (CSP) concept has taken hold in key locations across the Netherlands. Garages in the CSP network benefit from a custom package of Champion branding, with distinctive Champion Service Point signage, banners and accessories.

A strong, professional look

The visual elements of the CSP concept are just the beginning, as Frits Mijnten, Field Activation Specialist for Champion Service Point NL, explains. “The Champion branding brings a strong professional look to the garage, which is a reassuring and very welcome sight for garage customers. We can provide them with a Champion Oil Cabin and branded barrel pump, as well as a product display cabinet to help keep everything in its proper place. These small details help garages keep their workspace tidy, which makes a good impression on their customers.”

But it is the service that makes the difference, says Frits. “As well as our extensive range of products and accessories, Champion Service Point garages also have access to product training, support and advice. Everything they need to service their customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.”

Champion Service Point is a business evolution for independent garages and their customers, says Stefan Viguurs. “This is a model that is showing a better way to serve those customers. It is already working well in the Netherlands because we have a distributor with an excellent supply chain and logistics network. We have independent garages with the right mindset, and we have high quality oil and lubes from a family-owned company with independent thinking. These three sides together are invested in a partnership that benefits the garage and its customers. With the right distribution partners in other countries, the right chemistry and attitude, I am optimistic that its success can be repeated elsewhere.”

Champion Service Point
From left to right: Frits Mijnten, Michiel van Ewijk (Brezan), Stefan Viguurs